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PROJECT: Loidi Restaurant in Barcelona

Collaborators: Oriol Cusidó I Garí, architect.

LOCATION: Mallorca street, 250

DATE: June 2007



BUDGET: -----


The first request put forward by the owner regarding the interior design project for the construction of the new restaurant LOIDI, with head chef Martin Berasategui, was the dual function the space needed to fulfill: for the first part of the day it needs to act as the buffet-restaurant for the hotel "Comtes de Barcelona", while the rest of the day, it needs to transform itself into a restaurant open to the public.

The need for a double purpose for the space led to the emergence of a second access, linked directly to the hotel, as well as the presence of a large multifunctional curved wood cabinet which ends up becoming the main protagonist of the space, taking on different forms depending on the needs of each moment and bringing together the breakfast buffet, reception, the bar and office, whilst also serving as a visual barrier to the entrance of the kitchen.

The space has been divided into three parts, which the artist Ruth Zaragoza has sequenced from three personal creations inspired by the leisurely ceremony a good meal, the third of which consists of a double glass wall filled with coffee filters, which serves to define the area for smoking customers.

Pictorial creations are supported by pale wooden furniture, which serve a dual role: host the set of cupboards, drawers and shelves necessary for the proper functioning of the dining room and hide the presence of a series of concrete pillars that are required for the structural join of the building.

The project has sought at all times to take full advantage of the presence of natural light that comes both from the large stained glass window that looks out on Calle Mallorca and through a skylight at the rear of the premises and that in turn allows you to contemplate the rear facade of the hotel located above the restaurant.


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