Paseo Villa Olímpica

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PROJECT: Construction project promenade of Poble Nou in Barcelona

Collaborators: ANTONIO FONT, architect, ANA Mª CASTAÑEDA, (engineer and architect)

LOCATION: Stretch between Zamora Street and Ferrocarril Street (Olympic village).

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DATE: December 2004

SPONSOR: Barcelona´s City Council


BUDGET: 11.803.448,96 €

BUILT SURFACE: 50.000 m2

Taking into account provisions contained within the current Plan Especial de Ordenación Urbana de la Fachada al Mar, and the final information in terms of layout, levels and the finish of the side of the Cinturon Litoral, the project develops the solution used in the new Paseo Marítimo with the following characteristics and justifications which are composed of three parallel bands, with different dimensions and contents.

The first, a transition from the seaside of the Cinturón Litoral, will feature parking spaces, six meters wide on both sides of the road. The provision of trees, the type of pavement (paving stone and grass) and lighting, try to create a space that, while fulfilling a function has the effect of a garden or park.

The second, 18.80 m. wide, which will be called Paseo de Invierno, is a pedestrian path with a series of clusters of trees and squares, some connecting the pedestrian area with the Parque del Litoral and others with the bars and services. The pavement will be mostly earth, except the three main squares and access ramps to the beach which will be concrete.

The third and final strip, which will be called Paseo de Verano, 6.20 m wide, will run from the ramp's containment walls via three steps to the beach. The path will be made of Galician stone strips of different widths.

The beachfront bars are located on this lower walkway, on wooden platforms which lie lightly in the sand and also provide support for the shower services along the beach.


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